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BEERS 12 Hour

TBA.... For 2024

BEERS 12 Hour Logo_900px.png

Lets Go Racing!

It's only one day of racing...easy right??  This Budget Extreme Endurance Racing event returns to a more familiar daylight format with the BEERS 12 Hour race commencing at 6am on Saturday, 15th July 2023

Minimum 4 drivers per team. $325 per driver inc GST.  12 Hours of Long Track racing capped at 36 teams. Entries open end of April 2023.


Want more information about racing at a BEERS event? Head to the Rules & Regs page to find all the fun stuff, safety stuff and the general rules of B.E.E.R.S....don't forget rule #1.

The Shooters Award

The Shooters Award is given to the team who completes the most laps in the given race time

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