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BEERS 2400

15 - 16 July 2022

Budget Extreme Endurance Racing - 2400 km of racing in 24 hours. WA's first ever 24 hour, BEERS race, which BEERS team will take out 'The Meat Tray' this July? 

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Lets Go Racing!

WA's first ever 24 hour straight through car racing event, starting at 15:00 Friday racing through the night under lights until 15:00 Saturday for the first time ever at Collie Motorplex.


Minimum 5 drivers per team. $485 per driver inc GST.  Capped at 28 teams.


Want more information about racing at a BEERS event? The documents below give some detailed rules and regulations and there is a summary of "Awards" that may be bestowed on you too.

Forms and Information


Attached program outlines the event formalities, along with camping, communication and facilities

BEERS Standing Regs

Standing Regulations for all BEERS events includes info and car preparation rules

AASA Liability Waiver

The following form will need to be signed by all drivers and volunteers at Driver's Registration to receive an event wristband.

Team Entry Form

A team must consist of a minimum of 5 drivers. This form must be completed for Driver's Registration

BEERS 2400 Supp Regs

Supplementary Regulations for the BEERS 2400 event. You need to read them!

Scrutineering Form

The scrutineering form used to make sure your vehicle meets all safety requirements to race.

The Shooters Award

The Shooters Award is given to the team who completes the most laps in the given race time

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