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BEERS 2400

12-14 October 2023

Collie MotorPlex

Budget Extreme Endurance Racing Series - We're doing it again! 2400 km of racing in 24 hours. WA's only 24 hour continuous motor racing event.

We're changing it up again and this will be the first time ever the Long Track will be used for a 24 hour non-stop event.


It was in 1966 when Ford kicked Ferrari to the curb in a historical racing event...theme up your teams...who will win this one??

The action will kick off Friday at 3pm and race through till 3pm Saturday. The Raunchy Brewing Bar will open from 12pm to enjoy the end of the race with a cold lager.

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Lets Go Racing!

WA's only 24 hour straight through car racing event, starting at 15:00 Friday racing through the night under lights until 15:00 Saturday for the first time ever at Collie Motorplex.


Minimum 5 drivers per team. $485 per driver inc GST.  Capped at 28 teams.

Want more information about racing at a BEERS event? Head to the Rules & Regs page to find out the fun stuff, the safety stuff and all about the best racing series in Australia!  

The Shooters Award

The Shooters Award is given to the team who completes the most laps in the given race time

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