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Rules, Regulations & Forms

The BEERS format is fun, budget friendly racing but we all need some fine print to make it safe. 

The Fine Print

Lets face it, motor racing is dangerous. Make sure you know the rules before Mum lets you out on the track.

In addition to each event's Supplementary Regulations (see the event page) the BEERS Standing Regulations contains rules and regulations relating to all BEERS events as well as Technical Requirements that your car must comply with.

So make sure you are familiar with what is needed for your bucket of nuts and bolts...sorry we meant your highly tuned automotive masterpiece.

The Rules & Regs

To join in the fun of BEERS click here to submit an entry.

Don't forget BEERS is a team event, click here to download the Team Nomination Form.

Entry Form

All Drivers must sign the AASA Release & Waiver of Liability before commencing any activities at the event.

Pit Crew should also complete a waiver (click here to download a Pit Crew Waiver form)

AASA Waiver

Scrutineering is a vital part of any event. Pre-event scrutiny & safety checks ensure that not only does your vehicle and apparel comply to the regs but that there are no obvious safety concerns.


BEERS events are sanctioned by AASA (Australian Auto-Sport Alliance).  Participents in BEERS events must comply with their Rules & Regulations including he National Competition Rules and Appendices.


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