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Relive all the action of our BEERS events.  Whether you were a legend or an embarrassment this is your chance to relive the moment.


BEERS  1000 - October 2021

BEERS 1000 - 1000 minutes of racing over 2 days.  See all the action from our October 2021 event at the Collie Motorplex.

BEERS  1000 - April 2021

BEERS 1000 - 1000 minutes of racing over 2 days.  See all the action from our April 2021 event at the Collie Motorplex.


A few pics from the BEERS 1000 April 2022 previous event. 


Photos: Tim Allott

Tim Allott_MG_9928
Tim Allott_MG_9924
Tim Allott_MG_9920
Tim Allott_MG_9907
Tim Allott_MG_9905
Tim Allott_MG_9897
Tim Allott_MG_9891
Tim Allott_MG_9895
Tim Allott_MG_9885
Tim Allott_MG_9877
Tim Allott_MG_9869
Tim Allott_MG_9868
Tim Allott_MG_9862
Tim Allott_MG_9858
Tim Allott_MG_9856
Tim Allott_MG_9854
Tim Allott_MG_9834
Tim Allott_MG_9830
Tim Allott_MG_9828
Tim Allott_MG_9824
Tim Allott_MG_9820
Tim Allott_MG_9818
Tim Allott_MG_9812
Tim Allott_MG_9809
Tim Allott_MG_9772
Tim Allott_MG_9770
Tim Allott_MG_9765
Tim Allott_MG_9754
Tim Allott_MG_9749
Tim Allott_MG_9747
Tim Allott_MG_9745
Tim Allott_MG_9744
Tim Allott_MG_9738
Tim Allott_MG_9736
Tim Allott_MG_9716
Tim Allott_MG_9711
Tim Allott_MG_9709
Tim Allott_MG_9708
Tim Allott_MG_9698
Tim Allott_MG_9706
Tim Allott_MG_9683
Tim Allott_MG_9684
Tim Allott_MG_9680
Tim Allott_MG_9676
Tim Allott_MG_9675
Tim Allott_MG_9674
Tim Allott_MG_9673
Tim Allott_MG_9671
Tim Allott_MG_9669
Tim Allott_MG_9666
Tim Allott_MG_9664
Tim Allott_MG_9663
Tim Allott_MG_9662
Tim Allott_MG_9659
Tim Allott_MG_9655
Tim Allott_MG_9653
Tim Allott_MG_9652
Tim Allott_MG_9644
Tim Allott_MG_9643
Tim Allott_MG_9642
Tim Allott_MG_9640
Tim Allott_MG_9639
Tim Allott_MG_9637
Tim Allott_MG_9636
Tim Allott_MG_9635
Tim Allott_MG_9631
Tim Allott_MG_9629
Tim Allott_MG_9630
Tim Allott_MG_9628
Tim Allott_MG_9626
Tim Allott_MG_9625
Tim Allott_MG_9624
Tim Allott_MG_9622
Tim Allott_MG_9623
Tim Allott_MG_9620
Tim Allott_MG_9619
Tim Allott_MG_9618
Tim Allott_MG_9617
Tim Allott_MG_9616
Tim Allott_MG_9614
Tim Allott_MG_9613
Tim Allott_MG_9612
Tim Allott_MG_9611
Tim Allott_MG_9610
Tim Allott_MG_9609
Tim Allott_MG_9608
Tim Allott_MG_9607
Tim Allott_MG_0403
Tim Allott_MG_0402
Tim Allott_MG_0401
Tim Allott_MG_0400
Tim Allott_MG_0397
Tim Allott_MG_0398
Tim Allott_MG_0396
Tim Allott_MG_0395
Tim Allott_MG_0394
Tim Allott_MG_0393
Tim Allott_MG_0391
Tim Allott_MG_0385
Tim Allott_MG_0382
Tim Allott_MG_0381
Tim Allott_MG_0378
Tim Allott_MG_0376
Tim Allott_MG_0370
Tim Allott_MG_0367
Tim Allott_MG_0361
Tim Allott_MG_0359
Tim Allott_MG_0357
Tim Allott_MG_0348
Tim Allott_MG_0346
Tim Allott_MG_0341
Tim Allott_MG_0335
Tim Allott_MG_0332
Tim Allott_MG_0327
Tim Allott_MG_0323
Tim Allott_MG_0319
Tim Allott_MG_0317
Tim Allott_MG_0318
Tim Allott_MG_0314
Tim Allott_MG_0308
Tim Allott_MG_0307
Tim Allott_MG_0299
Tim Allott_MG_0293
Tim Allott_MG_0290
Tim Allott_MG_0288
Tim Allott_MG_0275
Tim Allott_MG_0269
Tim Allott_MG_0267
Tim Allott_MG_0266
Tim Allott_MG_0264
Tim Allott_MG_0258
Tim Allott_MG_0257
Tim Allott_MG_0255
Tim Allott_MG_0253
Tim Allott_MG_0251
Tim Allott_MG_0250
Tim Allott_MG_0247
Tim Allott_MG_0241
Tim Allott_MG_0240
Tim Allott_MG_0232
Tim Allott_MG_0225
Tim Allott_MG_0221
Tim Allott_MG_0218
Tim Allott_MG_0215
Tim Allott_MG_0212
Tim Allott_MG_0209
Tim Allott_MG_0208
Tim Allott_MG_0204
Tim Allott_MG_0202
Tim Allott_MG_0200
Tim Allott_MG_0199
Tim Allott_MG_0198
Tim Allott_MG_0195
Tim Allott_MG_0192
Tim Allott_MG_0189
Tim Allott_MG_0188
Tim Allott_MG_0187
Tim Allott_MG_0186
Tim Allott_MG_0185
Tim Allott_MG_0183
Tim Allott_MG_0181
Tim Allott_MG_0176
Tim Allott_MG_0171
Tim Allott_MG_0166
Tim Allott_MG_0165
Tim Allott_MG_0162
Tim Allott_MG_0161
Tim Allott_MG_0160
Tim Allott_MG_0150
Tim Allott_MG_0149
Tim Allott_MG_0142
Tim Allott_MG_0141
Tim Allott_MG_0140
Tim Allott_MG_0136
Tim Allott_MG_0134
Tim Allott_MG_0126
Tim Allott_MG_0122
Tim Allott_MG_0120
Tim Allott_MG_0121
Tim Allott_MG_0119
Tim Allott_MG_0112
Tim Allott_MG_0109
Tim Allott_MG_0108
Tim Allott_MG_0107
Tim Allott_MG_0105
Tim Allott_MG_0104
Tim Allott_MG_0102
Tim Allott_MG_0101
Tim Allott_MG_0100
Tim Allott_MG_0099
Tim Allott_MG_0097
Tim Allott_MG_0095
Tim Allott_MG_0094
Tim Allott_MG_0091
Tim Allott_MG_0087
Tim Allott_MG_0085
Tim Allott_MG_0083
Tim Allott_MG_0082
Tim Allott_MG_0081
Tim Allott_MG_0079
Tim Allott_MG_0078
Tim Allott_MG_0073
Tim Allott_MG_0072
Tim Allott_MG_0070
Tim Allott_MG_0069
Tim Allott_MG_0068
Tim Allott_MG_0067
Tim Allott_MG_0065
Tim Allott_MG_0057
Tim Allott_MG_0056
Tim Allott_MG_0041
Tim Allott_MG_0048
Tim Allott_MG_0036
Tim Allott_MG_0038
Tim Allott_MG_0034
Tim Allott_MG_0030
Tim Allott_MG_0023
Tim Allott_MG_0021
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